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Produit HELIOCUIVRE<sup>®</sup>


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HELIOCUIVRE® is a downy mildew fungicide for vines and anti-bacteriosis for fruit and vegetable crops. The liquid formulation of HELIOCUIVRE®, based on copper hydroxide and terpene derivatives, offers ease of use and performance.


HELIOCUIVRE® is a liquid solution with an anti-sporulation action, effective and persistent in the fight against downy mildew on vines and bacterial diseases in arboriculture and market gardening. HELIOCUIVRE® can be used in Organic farming and can be used alone or mixed. Compatible with most phytosanitary specialities, it acts in a preventive manner and authorises the use of smaller quantities of copper per hectare with proven effectiveness. Terpene derivatives from pine provide numerous benefits and improve the quality of the spray mixture.

• Easy to use liquid formulation

• Anti-sporulation effect

• Exceptional covering power • Increases retention and resistance to leaching


Shake the preparation well before use. Fill the spray tank ¾ full of water. First pour the quantity of HELIOCUIVRE® into the tank while stirring. Then pour in the other plant protection products while stirring. Then finish filling the tank with water to the required volume while maintaining agitation. Maintain agitation throughout the application and during transport.


When put in the tank first, HELIOCUIVRE® is compatible with most plant protection products. For possible combinations with plant protection products and foliar fertilisers, contact the ACTION PIN technical department. Extemporaneous mixtures must be used in accordance with the regulations in force. Carry out a compatibility test prior to any new mixture. HELIOCUIVRE® does not require the addition of an adjuvant. Respect the uses, doses, conditions and precautions for use mentioned on the packaging.


Before each application, clean thoroughly to ensure that no residues of the previous preparation remain. At the end of each application of the product, the entire apparatus (tank, oar, circuit, nozzles, etc.) must be rinsed with clear water using a suitable cleaning product.


When using the product, empty and rinse the can well with clear water (manual rinsing 3 times while shaking the can filled to 1/3 or mechanical rinsing for a minimum of 1 minute), taking care to pour the rinsing water into the sprayer tank. Take the opened, rinsed and drained packaging to your ADIVALOR partner distributor or to another company authorised to dispose of hazardous waste. For the disposal of unused products, keep the product in its original packaging. Ask your distributor partner of ADIVALOR or call upon a company authorized for the collection and the elimination of the dangerous waste. 

400 g/l
of copper metal
Concentrated Suspension
based on terpenic derivatives from pine

MA France : 9900227

Use : Fungicide (FRAC M01) against downy mildew on grapes and bacterial diseases on fruit and vegetable crops.

Approved doses : See table of uses

WFD : 24 hours

ARD : 3 days except for downy mildew on grapes : 21 days

ZNT aquatic : 5 metres

5L can

ACTION PIN – ZI de Cazalieu – CS 60030 - 40260 CASTETS (France) – Phone: +33 05 58 55 07 00 – HELIOCUIVRE, MA n° 9900227. Composition : 400 g/l of copper metal (copper hydroxide) + co-formulants based on terpene derivatives from pine. For authorised uses, doses, conditions and restrictions of use : refer to the product label or consult the product sheet on Dangerous, respect the precautions of use. Registration holder : ACTION PIN. HELIOCUIVRE® is a registered trademark of ACTION PIN.

DANGER. EUH401 Follow instructions for use to avoid risks to humans and the environment. H302 Harmful if swallowed. H315 Causes skin irritation. H318 Causes severe eye damage. H410 Very toxic to aquatic organisms, causes long-term adverse effects.

Product for professionals: use plant protection products with precaution. Read the label and product information before each application. Before using any product, make sure that it is indispensable. Whenever possible, use alternative methods and products with the lowest risk to human and animal health and to the environment, in accordance with the principles of integrated pest management, consult :

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