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Produit HELIOTERPEN<sup>®</sup> FILM


The sticker adjuvant of vegetable origin
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HELIOTERPEN® FILM is an adjuvant for plant protection treatments. Formulated with pine derivatives, HELIOTERPEN® FILM improves the efficiency of insecticide and fungicide sprays against foliar diseases in cereals, open-field vegetable crops, fruit crops, and trees and shrubs.
Note: HELIOTERPEN® FILM is not for use in vineyards.


Thanks to its formula based on pine terpene oligomers, HELIOTERPEN® FILM limits spray liquid losses through leaching and improves droplet retention. Its formulation based on a 100% vegetable adjuvant is selective towards crops and is perfectly suited to contact fungicides and insecticides.

• Reduction of leaching

• Improved retention

• Maintains product properties

• Slows down drop drying

• Improves penetration


HELIOTERPEN® FILM can be used in multiple mixtures* as long as the spray mixture contains at least one of its authorised uses (*in compliance with the "mixtures" decree). A compatibility test should be carried out prior to any new mixture.


Shake the preparation well before use. Fill the spray tank ¾ full of water. First pour the quantity of HELIOTERPEN® FILM into the tank while stirring. Then pour in the fungus or insecticide preparation while agitation is maintained. Then finish filling the tank with water to the required volume while maintaining agitation. Maintain agitation throughout the application and during transport.


HELIOTERPEN® FILM is an adjuvant for insecticide sprays on cereals, field vegetables, fruit crops, trees and shrubs and for fungicide sprays against leaf diseases on cereals, field vegetables, fruit crops and trees and shrubs.

Maximum use rates :

0.2 L/hL for high crops > 50 cm (fruit crops, trees and shrubs)

0.4 L/hL for low crops < 50 cm (field vegetables, cereals)

Maximum number of applications :

Fungicidal use: depending on the associated plant protection products Insecticidal use: 1 to 8 applications


5 metres and more depending on the associated plant protection products.

Application stage / Pre-harvest interval : depending on the associated plant protection products and under the conditions of use described for the adjuvant preparation.

ACTION PIN accepts no responsibility for the use of HELIOTERPEN® FILM for other purposes not indicated in this document.

910 g/l
terpene oligomers
Emulsifiable concentrate
100 %
Adjuvant substance of vegetable origin

MA France : 2140022

Use : Adjuvant for fungicidal and insecticidal sprays DRE: 24 hours

DAR : depending on the associated plant protection products

Aquatic ZNT : 5 meters. Respect the NTA of the associated plant protection products. Ecotoxicity: Not classified

Fee on diffuse pollution : 0€/L

10L can

ACTION PIN – ZI de Cazalieu – CS 60030 - 40260 CASTETS (FRANCE) – Tél : +335 58 55 07 00 – HELIOTERPEN® FILM, MA No. 2140022. Composition : 910 g/l of terpene oligomers. For authorized uses, doses, conditions and restrictions of use : refer to the product label or consult the product sheet on Dangerous, observe the precautions for use. Registration holder: ACTION PIN. HELIOTERPEN® FILM is a registered trademark of ACTION PIN. 

 CAUTION. EUH401 Follow instructions for use to avoid risks to humans and the environment. H315 Causes skin irritation.

Before any use, make sure that it is indispensable. Whenever possible, use alternative methods and products with the lowest risk to human and animal health and to the environment, in accordance with the principles of integrated protection, see :

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