Adjuvant, fungicide and stress-reducing products designed and manufactured by Logo ACTION PIN in France

Who are we ?

Based in the heart of the Landes forest (40), ACTION PIN designs, manufactures and markets adjuvants and fungicides formulated from terpene and resin derivatives derived from pine.

Our parent company, the DRT Group, provides us with these plant-based raw materials that we use for their interesting properties in the protection of agricultural crops: wetting, spreading, adhesiveness, etc.


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A bit of history...

ACTION PIN was created in 1995 as a fully owned subsidiary of DRT) but some of its products, particularly in agriculture, are much older. The first work on adjuvants and pine-based agricultural specialities actually began in the 1930s, at the very beginning of the DRT GROUP. The first product approval dates back to the 1940s, in the early days of the French approval system.

This expertise in pine derivatives and the know-how acquired over the years now drive the success of ACTION PIN’s adjuvants and fungicides, both in France and on international markets.

Our jobs


All our products are designed and approved by ACTION PIN. Developed in our integrated R&D and microbiology laboratories, our experts in product approval and regulation then ensure that the products are brought to market. As a result, we have full control over our approvals, from carrying out efficacy tests and risk analyses to compiling the Authorisation to Market documentation.


As part of the DRT Group, we have full control over our pine raw materials (quality, regulations). All our products are manufactured in France under a global management system for quality (ISO 9001), the environment (ISO 14001) and health and safety at work (ISO 45001).


Sold to farmers via cooperatives and retailers in France and distribution networks in other countries, our products benefit from the technical support of our sales and technical/development teams, who are deployed throughout the country.


The Landes pine forest is one of the few forests not to be affected by deforestation. Known as a ‘cultivated’ forest, with a cycle of around forty years, it is chiefly managed by private foresters. This managed, renewed resource is the economic lifeblood of the New Aquitaine region. It covers 14,000 km² and is the largest forest in Europe. The extraction of resin and terpene derivatives is the expertise of DRT (ACTION PIN’s parent company), which controls the R&D and regulatory aspects. Mastering their intrinsic properties for agricultural use is then the expertise of the ACTION PIN research teams.


With production sites in the heart of the Landes region, ACTION PIN and its parent company DRT live by and for the Landes forest.
In the heart of the Landes forest, it is a business that locally combines its research and development laboratory, a production and packaging unit and its registered office. Our regulatory team, based in Castets (40), compiles all the approval documents for all our products for submission to the relevant authorities.


 We are proud to export this expertise around the world to more than 20 countries.
A key player in adjuvants and organic farming in France, ACTION PIN’s crop protection business is also expanding in many parts of the world: Europe, Africa, Russia and South America are just a few examples. Ownership of all our formulations and regulatory control over the marketing of our products are major factors for reassuring our commercial partners.


ACTION PIN has committed to an eco-responsible approach by developing products of natural origin that can be used in organic farming, under EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008

  • The complete plant protection range is formulated using plant-based ingredients
  • The adjuvant components are readily biodegradable
  • The unique formulation of HELIOSOUFRE S®, a biocontrol fungicide, reduces sulphur doses per hectare by 50%
  • The liquid formulation of HELIOCUIVRE®, an AB anti-downy mildew, is easy to use, allowing you to reduce the need for adding copper
  • The cans are recycled through the ADIVALOR organisation

  • The entire range has been certified as compliant with EC regulations 834/2007 and 889/2008 by Ecocert Intrants*


Added to this is the Pine Terpene Technology developed by ACTION PIN for its products, which makes treatments more precise and safer. 

  • Reduction in drift
  • Resistance to leaching
  • Optimising the spreading surface

By choosing biocontrol combined with terpene technology, ACTION PIN is helping farmers implement more sustainable, environmentally friendly practices.

In 2018, almost 3.7 million hectares of crops benefited from Pine Terpene Technology. 

*Actilandes TM® is not covered by this certificate as it is a herbicide adjuvant

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